Autumn 2012


Autumn leek and fennel risotto


Caramelised cauliflower & onion salad, with pomegranate seeds & almonds

This is a delicious salad to be served at room temperature. Look for platters that show off the salad. Try this dish for lunch with a good bit of crusty bread.

Garden beans in a moroccan

Recipe source: Desley Insall, Kitchen Specialist, Collingwood College, VIC

Green beans with fermented black

This quick tasty dish is a great way to use up the ever continuing bean supply from your garden!

Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes in saffron sauce

Recipe Source: Desley Insall, Kitchen Specialist, Collingwood College

Poached spiced quinces

Cooking quince slowly, with its peel and core, will help achieve its characteristic deep pink colour.

Pumpkin, capsicum and coconut soup

Lovely fresh pumpkins are always perfect cooked into a warming autumn soup, and roasted red capsicum with some Asian-inspired lime and coconut makes this dish a velvety delight.

Quince and apple jelly

This wonderful jelly can be stored away to have in many different ways throughout the year. Try it on a cracker with cheese, or add to your favourite dessert.

Red lentils with tomatoes and pumpkin

This curry is a great way to welcome the cooler autumn weather.

Szechuan-style eggplant

Nothing signals summer more than the classic combination of tomato and basil – not only are they perfect companion plants in the garden but they are also perfect taste companions in the kitchen. Add some creamy mozzarella and this salad is the perfect summer lunch.