Spring 2011


All seasonal recipes have been provided by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation in celebration of seasonal produce and the partnership with GPT.

Caesar salad

A classic dish made all the better with fresh lettuce from the garden, Caesar salad can seem deceptively simple. It’s focusing on the right combination of flavours, though, and taking some care in putting the ingredients together, that will separate your version from everyone else’s – don’t be afraid to change the flavourings to suit your own taste.

Chinese stir-fried omelette

A simple dish that relies on the cook to be watchful! A perfectly cooked omelette at breakfast can set you up for a perfect day, and the addition of classic Chinese flavours here will add a special twist to a morning brunch. This recipe is large enough for a group of friends.

Crunchy lemon muffins

Lemons are beautiful in spring, bringing a tangy, zesty flavour to those days where the light is changing and you can feel the earth heating up again. The syrup on these muffins is absolutely necessary to ensure the right amount of lemon and make these muffins as luscious as possible.

Egg, broccoli & lettuce salad

This simple dish makes the most of freshly harvested broccoli and whatever fresh lettuce is growing in the garden, and is a delicious accompaniment to a piece of fried fish or chicken.

Lemon curd

A spring harvest of lemons is a great excuse to make this beautiful lemon curd, which can then be spread on toast or crumpets for a breakfast with a twist. Note that room-temperature lemons provide more juice. Zest is the yellow, sweet-flavoured outer rind of the lemon. Cold lemons are much easier to zest, but do this just before using as the zest will lose its moisture if it sits too long.

Moroccan broad bean dip

One of the best things about spring is picking beautifully new broad beans that have been growing throughout the winter. If you can resist eating the beans straight off the plant, try this tasty broad bean dip, perhaps with some lavosh for spreading it over.

Rosemary lavosh

This easy-to-make but very satisfying bread is beautiful served alongside any range of lunch or dinner dishes – just add a pat of good-quality butter for diners to help themselves – or use it to serve alongside a dip such as Moroccan broad bean.

Sicilian cauliflower fritters

This tasty Sicilian dish is easy to make, but children, who will enjoy squeezing the mixture into balls, need to be careful around the hot oil. Serve with a salad for a lovely spring lunch.

Stir-fried garlic lettuce

Introduce this recipe to children may will be surprised by the idea of cooking lettuce! (They will also be surprised at how delicious it tastes prepared this way.) The amount of lettuce you use will depend on how much is freshly available, and how many diners you have. Note the quick cooking time – you need to be almost ready to dine before adding the ingredients to the wok.

Super green salad

This fabulous spring salad brings all the flavours of the fresh harvest to the table. Broccoli and asparagus are absolutely beautiful at this time of year – take advantage of them!

Thai green vegetable curry

The vegetables you use in this curry are wholly dependent on what’s in season. At this time of year, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, peas and beans, mustard greens and kohl rabi should all be ready to harvest or available from your fresh green grocer. Making the curry from scratch is the only way to ensure the fresh flavours come through in the dish.